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  1. Just got XP on my iMac C2D machine in the weekend.... works perfectly! is now running CMAK without any glitches (although it would be nice if it supported a higher res.) TOW is also running sweet at full video settings - this amazes me, as Ive read loads of posts about people experiencing very low FPS on PC's. The only thing you need to check before installing bootcamp is that you have downloaded/confirmed the latest frimware is installed... then just follow the prompts and wait 1hr for windoze to install itself. Hermitage, if you buy a new mac you will also have 2 button func
  2. Im running a 17" core2duo iMac with the ATI option. Im about to install bootcamp to get the TOW demo running. Everything Ive seen in the TOW forums seems to indicate that it will run fine, though I will probably have to optimise video settings to get it running smoothly... CMAK should be a walk in park I should be up and running in a couple of days, Ill post some feedback when everything is running smoothly *touch wood* Other than that, the Imac C2D machines are great, I havent had any problems with mine... even out performs my bro's dual 2.8(?) ppc on games like COD, Quake4, Doom3 et
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