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delivery time ?


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Hello, I ordered the game back during the pre-release days.

I still have not received my posted version.

Are others still waiting ?

What is the expected ETA of a pre-ordered shipment to Australia and New Zealand ?

Thx kindly.

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Hi guys, the DVDs (and printed manual ;) ) are shipping, with the first batch leaving on friday I think. Unfortunately our control pretty much ends here, and depending on your location it may take a couple of days or a couple of weeks before the goods arrive.

For European customers, the goods have to first clear through customs in Ireland, so that will take between 3-5 extra days.

Down-under and for some reason Canada (even thogh the warehouse in Vermont isn't that far away from the latter) take the longest to arrive for some reason out of past experience.

So before emailing sales@battlefront.com, please give it at least 2 weeks. I know that will be hard especially if some people start posting that they got theirs, but please understand that there is very little we can do after the fulfilment house guys put the boxes into the truck.


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