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Couple of questions about new vid.


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I just got through the hi-res vid that was recently released and had a couple of questions:

Are there different types of aircraft and differnt calibers of morter/arty avalible, or is it always fighter/bomber/arty/morter?

When the M10 tank destroyer got strafed did the vunerable turret crew get injurded/killed?

When the US planes made their final pass on the AA gun and got shot down, did the AA gun vanish from view becasue no-one had line of sight anymore?

Looking good can't wait!

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Flanker15 -

- there are three main types of aircraft: ground attack, fighter (to shoot down enemy aircraft), and air recon. Which plane exactly you see depends on the scenario and nation you play. Arty comes in various calibers for the two main categories: heavy artillery and mortars. This, too, depends on the scenario and side you're playing. BTW, heavy bombers have been removed from the game as part of the realism tweaks we did.

- yes, the M10 crew was probably nailed. Since the M10 keeps moving, either it's simply rolling to a halt, or maybe the driver survived (probably wounded). Later in the video when the self-propelled Flak is strafed you can actually see one of the crewmembers throw up his arms in the air when hit.

- yes, the line of sight was gone. The video was taken from the US side.


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I feel the same way Dryfear. Every movie and sceenshot I have seen for this game seem to be of the same fields, same trenches, and same trees.

Does terrain every change in this game?

I need a demo check before making a purchase on this one.

I did not care for the Company of heroes Demo either, but I love the game.

Also glad I checked this forum prior to buying the new Silent Hunter game.

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