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CMBB Graphics Problem

K.A. Miles

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Hello all,

I glanced through the tech support stuff and other topics, and didn't see any similiar issues to my problem... so I apologize if I missed it somewhere.

The issue I am having is purely graphical, where all in-game text, objective flags, roads, and various terrain tiles (rough, trees) are blocked out in colored white or a light blue boxes. I have played CMBB for years via a CD copy, but have recently uninstalled that copy and reinstalled a direct-to-drive copy (which I purchased along with CMAK). Eager to try out CMAK, I haven't played CMBB in months, so I just now discovered the problem. CMAK works fine, which leads me to believe that this perhaps not a video card problem? My earlier CD version of CMBB worked fine on the same video card. :(

Anyway, hope yall have some suggestions. Would a reinstall of CMBB work? Would I have to unregister the current copy, then in turn register the newly reinstalled copy?

Thanks for any help. smile.gif

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If you have an ATI Radeon, then you may want to try out the Radeon Text Fix , which consists of replacement BMP files of the text used in CM. Another thing to try is to turn off antialiasing. The 'text fix' may make some of the text a bit unoptimal in appearance, but you can read it again.

However your other tiles disappearing/appearing white or blue is a bit stranger. I think I only ran into that with a 3dfx Voodoo 3 3000 videocard that only had 16Mb of VRAM under Windows 98 (Windows 2000 didn't seem to suffer the problem, if I recall correctly).

It's strange that CMAK will work fine, but CMBB will not, which quickly leads to the guess that there is something wrong with the CMBB install. You may want to download the CMBB installer again, if you still have access to it. I believe that you'll want to unlicense your CMBB copy (eLicense) before uninstalling it. I can only guess that perhaps some BMP files are missing or somehow corrupted, though I would have assumed you would run into errors during the install.

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