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One server in list, again......


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Is there "Several" keys I have to press at the same time and click the left mouse button to Join Game? That Join Game button is clearly disabled with the server highlighted. I've tried every key with the left mouse button - Right mouse button... Ctrl + Shift left click..... The list goes on. That Join Button will not enable!

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It was I, JBY.... I always have this issue when there's only one server. I think it's a bigger issue than just my computer (XP issue). Yes JBY -I've tried all possible key and mouse clicks.... and no I'm not retarded or "Special."

When there's two or more servers in the list - I have to click on the one below the first one in the list. Then my,"Join Game" button enables.

When only one server is in the list, the "Join Game" button never enables.

Then I check back in Drop Team - hoping to see if the Demo or Creature Zoo is back. If they're not - I can not play Drop Team and continue with other things that might be more productive in my life. However, not as enjoyable.

I just feel that the button control's event is not coded properly. When you select the server line the "Join Game" button should enable. Right now it does not work that way.

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