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OS X installation and setup


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I just bought an iMac 24" and installed my copy of DT on it. Looks nice. Thanks to Clay for telling me what my password is, and thanks to everyone involved for the decision to support Mac. smile.gif

However, there are some issues related to file privileges, I think. My system is setup with an Admin account which is only used for administration, not for regular use and User accounts for normal use. I really like this division and would be very hesitant to give more rights than absolutely necessary to non-admin accounts.

1. Installation requries Admin rights.

This is partly expected. But if I don't have those right with the account I'm logged in with, the installer completes very quickly with no obvious error messages (you have to read logs). And the game is of course not installed.

Workaround: install with an Admin account.

What I expected: A authentication window giving me the option to enter a username and password for an Admin account. This is what normally happens when I drag-and-drop a application to the Applications folder. If this is too much work, maybe an error message can be used saying that you have to be logged in with an account with admin rights.

2. I can't create new control set with non-Admin account.

An error message is shown: "Error Couldn't save file. OK "

This is a bit more annoying. There are settings files in "/Users/username/Library/Application Support/DropTeam/" (DropTeamSettings.dat, DropTeamTips.dat & DropTeamServerExtras.dat), but apparently the controls setting file is stored elsewhere. I can create a new control setting when logged into the Admin account. I tried to search for that file but didn't find it. (Maybe this Spotlight thingy needs more time to index stuff?)

Workaround: None. If I find the settings file, I can probably change the rights on it.

What I expected: User defined settings stored in that user's home folder (/Users/username/Library/Application Support/DropTeam/)

3. Installation wishes.

Right now, the installation feels a bit "un-Macish". The folder (!) in Applications is very cluttered.

This how I would prefer it too look on a Mac:

+ Drag and drop the executables to the Applications folder. Authenticate if necessary.

+ Store generic files in "/Library/Application Support/DropTeam/"

+ Store user specific files in "/Users/username/Library/Application Support/DropTeam/"

+ Store temp files in /tmp

I'm running Mac OS 10.4.8, DropTeam 1.2.1

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Hi poesel!

It's fun to play again, but I had to look up some of the commands. And I have to check all the new stuff!

I suspect I'll get shelled when we meet, but I found it easier to hit with 120 mm guns now. Don't know if targeting has changed or if my new mouse is better.

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