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  1. The tiles are 20x20 meter in CM1. That might be part of the reason the obstacles are not cleared - one AFV can't clear an entire tile. Perhaps it will be easier to keep track of obstacles with CM:SF's smaller tiles.
  2. Yeah, that's what I meant. Money for an XP license, possibly money for a Parallels license (if it's possible to use it). Or if I use Bootcamp: having to reboot when I want to play CM. And the highest cost of all: the hassle of using Windows. Been there, done that, am not going back. I hope CM:SF will be available for OS X, I won't bother with Windows on my Mac. It's just not worth it for me.
  3. Because people who have Macs probably have less interest in buying and running Windows? Bootcamp might be free, but Windows XP isn't.
  4. jeffsmith: that quote about OS X is more than a year old. I wouldn't draw any conclusions from that. update: However, this info from another thread looks promising [ May 19, 2007, 06:07 AM: Message edited by: Kurtz ]
  5. Apparently it was guided (the program was terminated in 2004). But I can't imagine any big course corrections at 1500 m/s.
  6. Check some LOSAT videos for inspiration. No explosives in the rocket, just lots of kinetic energy. Youtube 1 Youtube 2
  7. Just Landis and Demo. Im connected to Landis right now (deployment phase)
  8. Hi poesel! It's fun to play again, but I had to look up some of the commands. And I have to check all the new stuff! I suspect I'll get shelled when we meet, but I found it easier to hit with 120 mm guns now. Don't know if targeting has changed or if my new mouse is better.
  9. I just bought an iMac 24" and installed my copy of DT on it. Looks nice. Thanks to Clay for telling me what my password is, and thanks to everyone involved for the decision to support Mac. However, there are some issues related to file privileges, I think. My system is setup with an Admin account which is only used for administration, not for regular use and User accounts for normal use. I really like this division and would be very hesitant to give more rights than absolutely necessary to non-admin accounts. 1. Installation requries Admin rights. This is partly expected. But if I don
  10. All current Intel Macs have dual-channel memory. You get some performance improvement (a few percent according to a test I read I while ago) if you have matched memory sticks. Nice feature, but more memory is better than matched memory (if you can't afford to max both ram slots).
  11. I had some problems with the retail version where the keyboard configuration was lost and commands and mouse click didn't work in-game. But they worked in the account/network/controls part of the game. Check there if you have a valid keyboard and mouse configuration.
  12. I get the impression the bot turrets move much faster than I can do using the same vehicle. But that might be just the effect of being under fire.
  13. The "bad language" filter is client-side, IIRC. I don't remember which file you have to edit, though.
  14. After a crash, you get the option to send an error report, along with a log file. There is a text box where you can describe what you did prior to the crash.
  15. Is there any license file that can be backed up in case of hard drive failure (when I can't un-license before reinstallation)?
  16. Good point about the ions, but it's much easier to get some info about the power with the millimeter designation - you can compare it to other weapons. On the other hand, "light", "medium" and "heavy" could be more fitting descriptions. The reason why you can't do multiple drops is probably because that would allow you to totally overwhelm the enemy by suddenly dropping lots of units. A play balance thing.
  17. Yes, thats my report you got. It's repeatable, so just tell me if you want me to do something different. Thanks for the OGRE info, I searched, but probably was too tired last night to see that one.
  18. The game looks good, and it´s fun to get some change from the beta scenarios. here are some issues I have encountered so far: 1. My keyboard config from the public beta demo was gone. The name was still in the drop down menu, but the contents were empty (which had the effect that you could start the game and select a vehicle, but once you were "in-game" you couldn't do anything. 2. Crash when trying to uncheck "full screen" (report sent with the automatic tool) 3. Where is the OGRE? if I select OGRE, I become single layer, but I only have the "normal" vehicles. Is it planned for f
  19. I've tried it. Very hard when everyone is jammed all the time. Poesel71's server stopped responding, and I joined another (Arpinium). But the mod was still in use (although Arp. use "Base") so I couldn't get any hovercraft. I don't know if I was jammed and had the other mdofications from Poesel71's mod. But if the server has a mod (or Base), the clients should have it as well. I guess there will be all sorts of strange errors or unexpected behaviour if there is a mismatch between server mod and client mod.
  20. Are Macs handled the same way? The eLicense FAQ is very Windows-centric...
  21. The system described for Drop Team gives you 2 (?) licenses and allow you to unlicense and license again. You just have to remember to unlicense before you reinstall Windows. I guess a similar system is used for other BFC products.
  22. The Command vehicle - useless or important?
  23. Dropping mines on top of people is fun. But it's kind of silly that you can do that. Manouvering during descent would reduce the precision. And jammer cover would leave the dropper guessing if there is a crack or not. But this is partly an effect of the topography. If the terrain would allow turrets to be hidden, it would be harder to kill them, as you pointed out. I agree. This is partly because you can only have one drop active at the same time. You have to wait until the drop of a deployable is completed and the DS has "disappeared" before you an drop next. However, you ca
  24. They way things are now, drop ships drop straight down, but can manouver during the ascent. Pros: You can drop just outside known enemy AA range, knowing that the DS will not enter the AA zone. Cons: - When you have been dropped, the dropship often manouver into the AA zone and get shot down. - It's fairly easy (at least for bots) to hit a DS during the descent when it's not manouvering. I guess the thought is that the DS can't manouver when it's burdened with a vehicle. But it feels like a sitting duck. On the other hand, if manouvering is added during the descent, you
  25. I think the sound is what makes the twin 76 seem strange. The 20 mm gun fire 3 round bursts, with the sound of three shots. But I guess that's moddable as well. Did you activate collision damage on the server? I hit a rock at speed and got damage. All that stuff is moddable on the server, right? You just use a plain vanilla client?
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