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CMBO PBEM Problems

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I was playing a game and all was fine for 20 mailings. Then on 21, I select Multiplayer, then Load EMail, then select file 21...nothing nada zip. The file selection screen goes away and it just sits there. I retry multiple times no luck. I go back to previous turns all is fine, can rewatch those old turns. I ask my opponent to resend - same results. Then I ask him to replay 20 to recreate the 21 file. He does and resends still no luck.

I start a brand new game and send the troop selection file. He sends back his troop selection file - I can't open it.

Any suggestions? Can I open the txt file in MSWord and look for anything that says its a good file?

I have changed nothing on my machine in many months.

Can someone out there send me a game of CMBO PBEM if I can open it then the problem is with his email system. If I can't open it I'll look at my machine.


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Ask your opponent to send a new game and see if that has any problems. If it does, then it sounds like your opponent has some problems with either sending the files or their email system (ISP) is managling the PBEM.

You could open the PBEM file in a simple text editor (like NotePad), but I couldn't really tell you what to look for. Usually if a PBEM is corrupt you'll get the Windows 'error ding' when you attempt to load it.

Are either of you zipping/compressing your PBEMs ? I highly suggest doing so since it can minimize some of the corruption that can occur to PBEM files. Feurte's PBEM Helper is a program that you may want to give a try to also.

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