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Played Demo , great game , But.....

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Played Demo great game , But.....

Only able to play it on my lap top , and don’t have any vested interest in modern conflicts. (1970's vet.) Love the game engin, control set up, and You Guys. So tell me a WW II mod is in the Works and I will buy a new video card for my main system and order this game.


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Bad news is no WWII "mod" is planned for CMSF. Good news is that the next full game after CMSF will be a WWII game.

In brief, the BFC plan is to release several follow-on "modules" to CMSF that will be cheaper than the full game, and will expand the game with additional units, and also maybe some other minor new game features. Modules will not be stand-alone products -- they will require the "base" game to work.

Next module is definitively announced as US Marine Corps, and will also include some new Red units such as T-90s, BMP-3s, and Syrian Airborne TOE. After that is probably a British module, and then probably a fourth and final module including some other NATO units.

At some point towards the end of the CMSF module track, BFC will release the next full game, which they have stated going to be WWII game, almost definitely US forces in Normandy. It will also have follow-on modules with more units, etc.

Big unanswered question is timeline. Short answer is "when it's ready." My guess is that we're probably about 2 years away from the WWII game release. This is a total SWAG on my part.

That's a while to wait. But the good news is that the game engine should be really kickin' by then, with all the bugs in the core combat model worked out from experience with the CMSF series.

Searches for posts by Steve will give you lots more info if you're interested.



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Yeah, look at the bright side of the whole CMSF thing, if you aren't into modern...it's the guinea pig for the new engine. All the pain and teeth gnashing that has gone on since release should be fairly smooth and glicth free by the time the WWII game comes out. I've said it a million times, I am glad that WWII had to wait...it'll be that much fresher, up to date (engine wise) and glorious for having had to. All positive points in my book.


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