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Last Major Thing for Post 1.07?


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I think we all agree that 1.06/1.07 is much better than the previous versions and CMSF is now pretty playable and enjoyable.

However, the one last thing that I think we absolutely must have (and should be easy) is the ability to use arty to deliver smoke. Modern battlefield commanders use smoke a lot to hide movement, so it just doesn't make sense that we don't have this. Heck, CM1 had it!

I assume this is being worked on, but I am kinda at a loss why it isn't done already. I mean, this would be far more useful to me than night-time dynamic lighting for example.

Anyone disagree?

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Artillery delivered smoke is a must-have. I expect we'll get it in the Marines module though and not a patch. Don't bother asking, it's 100% pure speculation. I'm good at that.

And, I've got to say it... we need the AI to be able to use it's artillery assets more effectively...(runs for the door before getting hit by thrown fruit)

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One another thing important IMO, apart from gameplay features , is the no clipping bug, that is vehicles model overlapping buildings or neighbour vehicles in narrow paths.

I don't think US nor Syrians have developped a tunneling effect device for their vehicles yet. ;)

Friendly fire also needs to be turned on.

Oh I forgot hand to hand combat as well as prisoners. ;)

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