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Camera sticks with GeForce3 Ti500

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This is a little annoyance that's been plaguing me since I got my new computer. When I'm on the battlefield and I move the camera around, particularly when I'm rotating it around by moving the mouse to the left & right edges of the screen, the camera will rotate, "stick" for a little bit, and then contintue on. This is definitely not a framerate issue as everything is totaly smooth during the rotating, except when the screen sticks for a little bit. Does anyone else with the same vid card have this problem? Are there any settings for the card I can change that might alleviate this. I already have the latest drivers which have reduced the problem a little from the default ones that came with my computer.

Here are my system specs:

AMD 1900+ 1.6ghz

512 Ram

GeForce3 Ti500

Windows XP

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This is probably unavoidable with most newer computers and Windows XP... do you know if your video card is sharing an IRQ with another device ? This is often the case with ACPI-compliant motherboards, where they'll assign every PCI-related and AGP device to a single IRQ. What the exact advantage is to this I don't know, but it does affect the performance of peripherals since each of them has only one channel to signal to the CPU that it's their turn for the system's attention.

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