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Full Install Size?

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That's pretty slim, considering that Baldur's Gate, on the standard install, dumped about 600MB worth of stuff onto my system.

I heard Steve mention to GhostOne "do a full install" which means that 100MB is the standard. Full install dumps things like sound files, maybe the editor, onto your hard drive to speed things up.

I'm betting a full install will run 200-250MB. Still a REALLY small footprint for a game of this depth. Even so, I'm going to have to clear some crap out of my pitifully small 3GB HD to make sure I don't run into swap-file and virtual-memory problems.

I guess it's time once again to wait for the house to be empty so I can transfer...umm...sensitive files onto the computer with the CD burner and transfer those...private...files onto CD.


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Guest Big Time Software

I don't have the CD in front of me at the moment, so forgive me if these figures are a bit off, but ball-park they are:

Small: 60 MB

Medium: 120 MB

Full: 300 MB


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Guest MajorH

From the CM installer script ...

Minimum - 83 MB

Medium - 143 MB

Full - 347MB

Files in minimum install: all bmp files, all scenario files, and CM exe file.

Files in medium install: everything in the minimum install plus all wav files exept 00005000.wav through 00005010.wav.

Files in full install: Everything in the minimum and medium installs plus wav files 00005000.wav through 00005010.wav, and the movie file 1000.mov.


Best regards, Major H


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