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Game minimizes and locks screen

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I'm having a problem that doesn't appear in the troubleshooting guide. I have a Windows 98 machine with an ATI Rage 128 video card. I have had a repeated problem while I'm in the orders mode. I'll be placing an order to a unit and the screen will minimize itself and go back to the Windows desktop. When I click on the minimized game to bring it back, the screen looks like it tiles the lower third of the screen repeatedly. All the colors turn Grey and the screen is locked. I still have keyboard control because I can control-alt-delete twice to reboot the machine but all video control appears to be lost. Can you help me out?

This problem is happening very frequently. It doesn't have any sort of a temporal relationship. I could reboot the machine, go back in and run the game and it would lock right back up Or it could let me play for 30 minutes before locking up.

I'm running CMAK and it's been patched to the latest version.

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I have a Rage 128 card (or 128 Pro), but I haven't tried it with Win98 lately, so I haven't duplicated your problem. How much RAM do you have on your card ? Are you running Windows 98 Second edition or the original version of Windows 98.

Though it should make little difference most of the time, what color depth are you running at when you play CM ? You may want to experiment with the choices between 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit.

Which version of DirectX are you running ?Type 'dxdiag' in the Run command to launch the DirectX Diagnostic that will tell you the DirectX version. Do you know which driver version you're running ? You can get the latest from ATI (v.4.13.7192). I don't know if this is what you're already running or not ? Don't worry about the WinME designation of the drivers. The drivers work with Win98.

Though it may make little difference, what motherboard model and/or chipset on the motherboard do you have ? Have you installed drivers for this chipset.

There's also the possibility that a CMOS/BIOS setup setting may help or hinder things here.

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