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v1.02 whoops


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I've just noticed that I downloaded the 1.02 patch when it came out, but the damn thing is still sitting on my desktop, IE, I havn't run it yet. :eek:

Now, my curiousity is aroused because i'm in the middle of 6 PBEM games, and they are all running 1.02, whereas i'm running 1.01, this has been going on for about 2 weeks, with no problems...

Still, I would have thought I wouldnt have been able to open their files, and vice-versa....

And i wonder how the calculations are worked out, wether it would be different for each version, eg, I may have been able to penetrate the T34 if the game turn calculation was worked out on my version, but not on my opponants...


Or should I just upgrade now and shut up smile.gif


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