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  1. From the old CMx1 charts im not sure if i can post links but google chris's cm database hosted at xtreemhost
  2. Roughly 700 meters Tiger should be having issues Tiger armour Numbers denote millimeters and angle of armour Turret Upper Hull Lower Hull Front Side Rear Front Side Rear Front Side Rear 102+/8 82/0 82/0 102/10 82/0 82/8 102/24 62/0 82/8 T34/85 85/L55 ZiS S-53 AP(lg) Velocity 800 m/sec (Jan43-Mar44) 100m 500m 1000m 2000m (range) 0 30 60 0 30 60 0 30 60 0 30 60 (armour angle) 133 104 45 114 90 43 100
  3. In the old CMBB I had a chart, Russian 9 man SMG squad firepower: 40m 100m 250m 500m 450 99 4 0 From what I have seen in RT so far, I wouldnt be wasting ammo shooting past 75m, unless the enemy is sitting in the complete open. Also, I wouldnt put a lot of rounds at a building either, Rifles penetrate a lot better - if you are *in* the building, thats a complete different story
  4. Potentially, if you were to look at what I am replying to, you might have a clue as to why I put an "if" there...
  5. CaptHawkeye, on 19 Feb 2015 - 3:11 PM, said: I was answering the quote about 'potential' strength, not what actually happened - I believe people think Russia had like a 3-1, 4-1 manpower greatness throughout the war (mainly due to Russia's stronger mobilisation) - but after Germany capture much of Russia's west, thats a huge chunk of Russia's manpower gone. IF Germany had utilised those resources properly, they would have almost, if not equal, Russia's manpower reserves - IMO
  6. Potentially Germany would have almost matched Russia in regards to manpower as well if they had utilized the resentment towards Stalin in the occupied territories
  7. Just had a game crash at 26% - we managed to go back a turn or so and recreate - didnt work at first but on the 3rd 'take' we managed to load and carry on. Lucky we are only 5 or so turns in - and apart from 'sound contacts' no one has lost anything, so wasnt a major to re-create the turns, would have been annoying however if we had to go back to a point where losses were 'fully healed' This game was created and started in 1.03 game engine 3 - still have the corrupted game turns if you want..
  8. Yes i can totally see that now, still makes for awkward viewing when the sniper team looks to run 5m or so in the totally opposite direction from what you have plotted - but at least i can see why this can happen in game... not much we as players can do with it, since we cant see at a glance which terrain is lined up better to the orders grid...
  9. I think this sums it up very nicely, and as long as i did not have a brain fart and plot the wrong door in the very first instance - we can leave this until i run some more tests! Ideas on the Hq and fence, and Hq radio?
  10. I still maintain my orders were similar, if not 99% the same as my second test, I will run it a few more times and see if i can replicate the result.
  11. ahah, thats why your grid lines were (what I thought) off center a little
  12. Ah, my bad, looks like cabbages from here but they just trees!
  13. Kieme, I really do appreciate your replies, I understand your point, from looking at the screenshot in the scenario editor from my point of view, I see the door touching the immediate corner of a square, so an order from A - to C, using your pictures, wouldnt run through D or B (might touch both briefly tho) Following that logic then, when a unit runs diagonally from the center of one square to another, it will cross a point of 4 squares,its exit square, and 3 others - at that point - TacAi can change the square you are running to? See my cool paint drawing I do notice however, th
  14. Ok, I went into scenario editor, fired up the scenario, and found the building in particular, all the buildings in this map are on an angle. http://i1381.photobucket.com/albums/ah202/jonniedeboer/scenedit_zpsccc7b72a.jpg I think you are on the right track, altho "when going out of it they find themselves hanging among two squares" - isnt quite right now because the middle is pretty much where I put the way point...
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