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Game won't start

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Which version of CM are you attempting to play ? Whose distribution is it (CDV's or BFC's) ? I think only CMBO has an intro movie utilizing the Indeo codec (which you have to pay to get now). I'm not sure what codec CDV uses for some of their splash-screen mini-movies.

If you assume that QuickTime is causing the problem, you can uninstall it, though it should still work.

What videocard and what Windows version are you running ? Has a Prefs file been generated by CM yet ?

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oops sorry on the specs


2 nvida 440mx g4

3 windows xp home

no perfs file has been made

I do get the chose what screen rs you want

I have a copy of fighting steel(ww2 surface naval sim)

that has indeo codec on it(before the reformat both games where on this computer)

2.61 gig celeron

1x40 gig hd

1x80 gig hd

768 meg ram pc 2100 ddr

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I have no idea why QuickTime should be causing a problem. Maybe it's some weird interpretation of the codecs needed to playback the movie. Pressing Shift while launching CM should "kill" the intro movie and this may alleviate your problem (allowing you to have QuickTime installed and still be able to play CMBO).

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