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Problem with CMAK reinstall

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Had a problem with some vicious spyware and unstalled CMAK. Now I am trying to install the game but am not able to get past the first file. After clicking on setup, I am getting this message C:\programfiles\battlefront\combatmission\afrikakorps\commom.exe\ An error occured while trying to copy a file. IO error 23.

I have just installed Norton AV and it tried to run a scan when that filed tried to extract. I tell Norton to skip the scan- but I got the message. I disable Norton, still get the message and unable to complete installation.

Anyone know what I need to do?

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This is an error that seems to be directly related to the anti-virus software. It is interfering with the extraction process (attempting to scan the file while it is being extracted).

You need to turn off the anti-virus before you start the installation. If that still doesn't work (which you've seemed to have indicated), then you have two further options. One is to uninstall (temporarily) the antivirus program, reboot and then attempt reinstallation. The other is to boot into Safe Mode and attempt installation there (Windows XP should support the CD/DVD drives in Safe Mode) - though this may be quite a bit slower.

This was Madmatt's reply in a thread about problems installing CMAK last year:

"Seems there are two different errors being reported here. a "Source file is Corrupt" error is usually caused by a bad disc. But a "I/O 23" or "cyclic redundancy check" error is usually triggered by a virus checking program and can be cured by disabling or even uninstalling the virus program prior to install.

Seems McAfree usually triggers that I/O error as it tried to scan inside an archive file as its installing."

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