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Problem running CMAK and CMBB

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I have had Combat Mission games for a long time, and I've never had any technical problems with them until today... :( When I try to run CMAK or CMBB there's no response. Computer seems to be busy for a few seconds, but nothing shows on the screen. When I open Win XP application manager via ctrl-alt-del shortcut, I can see CM in running processes, but it doesn't show in the applications window... :(:(

I have Windows XP, with the latest Direct X and video drivers installed... I tried to reinstall the game, but it didn't help to solve the problem. Hope that someone can help me :confused:

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Has anything changed in your setup since the last time you ran CM (new drivers, new software, etc.) ? How are you launching CM, via a shortcut or directly on the executable ?

I'm not sure why CM would be showing up as a 'Process' instead of an 'Application'. Have you modified anything about the shortcut (assuming that is what you're using) to launch CM, such as 'compatibility mode' settings ? What else is running on your system when you launch CM ? Do either of the programs have a Prefs file ? If they do, then copy that file elsewhere (and remove it from the appropriate CM directory) and launch one of the games. Hopefully it should go through the resolution selection process (which it would also do if this was a fresh installation).

What videocard and driver do you have installed ? Is there more than one monitor used in this setup ?

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I didn't install any new software since last time I've launched CM.

I always launched CM via shortcut with no compatibility settings, but after this problem I tried to run it through the executable. I also tried running it with compatibility settings, but it didn't help. I've reinstalled both games, so there was no prefs files in game folders.

When I run CM i have only ZoneAlarm firewall and my internet connection manager running...

I have GeForce 2 MX 400 video card with latest drivers from Nvidia. Only one monitor is used on my pc.

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