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PIII 600SE: What Video Card Will Run Best?

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OK, before you say "why don't you just buy a faster CPU", lemme say, "'cuz I don't want to!".

So, I'm running a TNT2 / 32mb card right now (adequate), but was thinking about a GeForce2 GTS/Pro. But then I saw that I could get a GeForce3 Ti200 for the same price! Question is, is it worth it, given my current system speed?

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I believe that it is worth the difference. The GeForce 3 family has a few benefits over the GeForce 2 family, though most of these will probably only be applicable in other games (T&L). Your CPU poses a small performance problem in regards to getting the most out of the GeForce, but I don't consider it much of an issue. The GeForce 3 Ti200 will have faster VRAM and (IIRC) a higher GPU clock speed, both of which will make CMBO/CMBB a more enjoyable visual experience.

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I have an Athlon 600 machine and I just upgraded from a TNT2 to a Ti 200. Makes a big difference, especially in the FPS games. I just started playing Ghost Recon. It looks tons better than the demo I tried before Christmas on the TNT2. I am able to crank up all the settings in the games now without noticing slowdown. Definitely go for the Ti 200.

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