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Paintman Scenarios - Need Feedback

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Howdy Folks,

Just in case you didn't know, I am the creater of the scenarios listed under "Paintman" at cmmods. All of the scenarios are beta versions, and I need your feedback to make them better. I am particularily interested in feedback related to "Fortress Europa", "Fall Weserubung", and "Fortress America - West Coast".

Also, I am aware that some scenarios are from v 1.04 and I apologize for not updating them, it completely slipped my mind and I am working on updating them now.

Lastly, I am about 10% through development of a world war three scenario taking place in 1984. It uses Honch's map, heavily modified to reflect the 1980's, and I am doing an insane amount of research to make it as absolutely accurate as possible, including researching every single weapon system and brigade and higher unit involved in over 50 countries during that time period. SO, if you have any useful sources of detailed information available from this era, or happen to be a vet stationed in Europe/Middle East/North Africa during this era, I would MOST appreciate your help, it will make the scenario that much better. The scenario will represent every unit division sized on up, as well as some important brigades. The scenario covers Europe, the east coast of North America, and North Africa / Middle East / Persia. I had originally wanted to base the scenario off of Thrawn's map, but the range limit of 25 tiles prevents this as units will not have realistic ranges. There is going to be a very detailed and variable diplomatic system in place, and it will make things VERY interesting.

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Hello Normal Dude :


The game play's just fine over-all, except that i noticed a big discrepency especially to do with Naval Combat!.

For example i attacked a Russian Submarine with Surface Vessels as well as Land & Carrier based air asset's and found that out of 9-attack's i was able to only land 1-hit!. The Russian's on the other-hand had nearly the reverse in result's for similar action!.

The Russian's are very powerful [Everything at Full-Strength] and U.S.A. asset's are mostly depleted or understrength at the beginning of the game!, whether that's really right or wrong, i couldn't say,...it's just a disgruntling observation.

The relocation cost's for U.S.A. air assets is very expensive, again, right or wrong i couldn't say.

All in all, a promising game, though it does take some getting used to,...to be able to play it well enough to make positive gain's in the game!.

It'll take some time for me to stomach the near hopeless situation in repelling the Russian's. I've saved the game and will put in a few more round's now and then as i can get to it!, and so shall then see more of what it is about!.

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Thanks for the response Retributer, if you could send your saved game file to paintman1066@hotmail.com that would be great.

I am especially glad for your observations on the balance, as this is what I really need help to work on.

As far as how tough the Russians are, my intended result, if two dead-on equal players played other, would be for the Russians to reach about halfway through the map, to the desert or even Rockies. Basically I am hoping that the Russians will storm ashore and kick butt at first, until they get further inland and time wears on. Think of it as a big Eastern Front WW2 campaign.

Also, I made the USA air ops expensive because I am trying to simulate actually having to strategically base air units where they are most useful. When you move an air unit, your gotta move their support too. That's a lot of people and equipment for modern military jets.

Thanks for the naval input, that was not intended and will be fixed.

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