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What do you guys think of a Lucky Zebra vs Battlefront scenario?

It will take place in the fictional world of BF with Hubert city and other cool places.

Lucky Zebras units consists of

Lucky Zebra(hq)

Lucky Elephant units(tanks)

Lucky Zorba(armies)

Lucky Hippo(corps)

the BF side can build the Steve Grammont HQ, the Moon unit, the highly powerful Madmatt army and the SLOW MOVING Hubert engineer corps. :D

They can also call upon and buy the playtesters-unit which although cheap got a bit of a weak defence. :D

Winner is decided by the side that captures the most threads(cities).

what do you think?


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Yes BF can also call upon game-interested newbies to help their cause. However the Lucky zebra side got the Comrade Trapp unit which perform lousy in gameplay but got a +10 bonus against the newbie unit.

Lucky Zebra also got the Lucky reincarnation unit(bomber) which can strike the cities(threads) at long range and with devastating results. However it will have a weak defence rating against opposing units and the Madmatt army can cause severe damage in close combat.

Furthermore BF can fortify their threads(cities) and also build AA against the lucky attacks.

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