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Game launch problem..

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I have just reinstalled CMBB on this computer which has run it before with no problems.Now after installation I get the loading screen and then a black screen with the message "Input Not Supported".As far as I know the only thing different with the setup is a later version of DirectX and .Net.Any suggestions please?

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I've been working on this problem through the weekend and apparently it's a problem between the game loading and my LCD monitor although why it has suddenly reared it's ugly head I don't know.I have been messing with the graphics trying for the best set up for TOW and I suppose I've altered something that's now affecting CMBB and CMAK.I have gone about as far as I can with my limited knowledge of computers so if anyone can suggest anything I can try I will be very grateful.

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What is happening when you launch CM for the first time is that it is going through the resolution selection process. The first resolution that CM typically tries is your current desktop resolution at the highest refresh rate that the videocard supports. This means that if you're running 1280x1024 @ 75Hz vertical refresh rate, then CM may attempt 1280x1024 @ 120Hz or something similar since your videocard can support those vertical refresh rates (but not necessarily your monitor).

If your monitor is utilizing a widescreen resolution, then CM will probably start at a resolution that is below it. For example if your monitor utilizes 1440 x 900 (or whatever), then CM may first start out at 1024x768, since this would be the closest 'vertical' resolution that CM may support without exceeding your current vertical resolution. 1280x1024 would seem a closer match, but because the vertical resolution is '1024', that exceeds the original '900' pixels and thus probably won't be used (to my knowledge).

Anyway, to boil it down, what you're probably seeing is that CM is running at or close to your monitor's current desktop resolution, but it is using a vertical refresh rate that is beyond your monitor's capability to display (thus the "Input Not Support" on-screen error). What you need to do is just wait (don't press any keyboard keys or click the mouse). Eventually CM will auto-try a resolution and refresh rate combination that should work with your monitor. CM will automatically switch resolutions/refresh rates approximately every 10 seconds or so. Once you see something on the screen that will work for you, then click the 'Select' button on screen.

CM first tries your current resolution with the maximum vertical refresh rate supported by the videocard under DirectX. After 5-10 seconds with no input it then tries the next lower vertical refresh rate at that resolution (as supported by the videocard). So if you had started at 1280x1024 @ 120Hz, then the next combo to be tried may be 1280x1024 @ 100Hz, etc. Once a vertical refresh rate of 60Hz is tried, CM goes down to the next lower resolution (in this example that may be 1024x768), but again at the highest vertical refresh rate supported by the videocard. This could potentially be 160Hz or 140Hz, etc. So if you waited for the next lower resolution, you may see the "Input Not Supported" message again.

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