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PBEM Files - Corrupted Game Fonts

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Quite often when I load a PBEM file all the text in the game gets really weird and illegible. It's difficult to describe it.

If I reload the file the problem is USUALLY corrected. If I play the game with the corrupted fonts my opponents have no problem with the file I generate. It's a minor issue but it does get to be a pain loading files twice, and sometimes three times. Has anyone else experienced this with PBEM files?

I'm using a Duron 800, Geforce2 (Asus 7700), 256 MB RAM, SB Live! Value, Win ME, and all the latest approved drivers. Schrullenhaft, you're the pro around here. What do you think my problem is? Thanks!!

Treeburst155 out.

[ 05-12-2001: Message edited by: Treeburst155 ]

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I often see this when my Mac has been asleep with CMBO open. I often leave my Mac asleep all day with several apps open, such as Oultook to get turns and start it up to play the turn and return it to my opponent. For me restarting CMBO takes care of the problem, this can also be true for me with a scenario in progress if I leave it in mid game to do something else for a few hours. In my case I suspect that its a function of some resource reference getting garbled in the process of "waking" the system. I don't think CMBO likes being left latent for such long periods.

I don't know if this is similar to your experience or if its just noise relative to your problem.

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