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It's a wargamer's God-given right, no, his DUTY to whine. So stop whining about......

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...the whining.

Originally posted by Directive#21:

I repeat....If you are a fan of CMBO and you don't buy CMBB because you don't like the demo scenarios...you are lying or mental!

I didn't like the demo scenarios either. They are boring with a capital B. They smack of 'rush job'. The best of the lot is the tutorial. Hell, there are even typos in the briefings. Typos bore me. I can see how potential buyers would be scared off. (It crashed all the time too and the graphics look like ****e. But that's my computer's fault, not the game's.)

I am still buying the game, though, because I can picture what the full game will be like. And I think the new sounds are cool. If I didn't, I wouldn't pay. My choice. His choice. Your personal choice. He chose, now let the man whine in peace.

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