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Originally posted by Vader's Jester:

That's one of my favorit mods!! :D

Very nice. A couple of very minor things smile.gif

The British Airborne Jeep has Ford script on the tub (correct for a GPW) but a Willys rear cross member. Okay maybe that's a bit anal and probably BFCs doing. Anyway a script Ford tub would be to early to have the trailer socket this one does (though it could be a retro fit).

The registration numbers for US jeep start with a 20 and are either 7 or 8 digits.

The bridge weight plates (numbers in yellow circles) were not the norm on US jeeps during the war (they were used, just not the norm).

The bumper marking on the US jeep with whitewash is incorrect (which is no big deal as the regulations were only loosely followed). I think it would be better to remove the "HQ" from the bumper. This makes it a generic jeep (not a jeep from a HQ). Many jeeps didn't have unit markings on the bumper so that would be fine.

No front view of the British Airborne jeep but the bumper on the British Airborne jeep should be chopped even with the lower part of the grill on both sides. I also think the grab handles were removed from British Airborne jeeps but I'm not positive on that. I would also drop (lower) the windshield on the Airborne jeep.

Actually for CM since all the jeeps are in the combat zone I would have the windshields down. This was the norm (reflecting glass makes a nice target).

I would also dirty up the stars on the jeep a bit to blend with the other weathering. Maybe a nice coat of dust/mud.

Maybe rough up the seats a bit also. The passenger seat looks too clean.

One last thing I thought of. Every jeep was issued headlight covers to keep those pesky headlights from reflecting light in the combat zone. If they were missing paint or mud would do the trick. Sometimes blackout drive lights were installed in the place of one or both headlights. In any case silver should NOT be showing on a frontline jeep.


(1944 GPW sitting in the Garage as if you couldn't tell :D )

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I certainly agree that Andrews eye for detail and color is what makes his mods so appealing. They look so real. I really love the way he adds unit marking etc onto his vehicles. In my opinion it just adds greatly to the finished product. For example I would hate to see just a plain olive green square with no markings or appeal to them. Keep up the excellent work Andrew and thanks for your hard work and time. My hat is off to you.

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Very nice. A couple of very minor things smile.gif ...
Oh lordy, a JEEP GROG!!! :D

Yeah, well, I plead ignorance AND it's all BTS's fault! ;)

Actually, I hear what you're saying. Can't do much about the windshield, unfortunately. I too would have liked to see a lowered windshield (a la the Jeep MG) but the 3D model depicts is raised. The slapped-on British Airborne markings are a just that--again, the modelling of a proper Airborne Jeep is not possible in CMBO.

In my mods I try to tread a line between "historically accurate" and "looking really cool." Some of the Jeep's features were decided upon with an eye toward the latter category. Example: I know the Ford script was only really seen on relatively early models, but it looks cool! smile.gif

Thanks for the input all the same. If I ever revise the mod (which isn't likely, given the impending release of CMBB), I'll incorporate some the suggested features, like the headlamp covers. Where were you when I was previewing the early versions of this thing? I could have used the input then! :D

Oh yeah, one more thing: the whitewash version was put together by Thomas Klimisch of Tom's CMHQ fame. I think it looks pretty good, but I did notice that he mixed up parts of the UK and US textures in his version.

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