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Controls vanish after Alt-Tab (not everytime)

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Sometimes when resoting the game after Alt-Tab or Esc the graphics at the bottom of the screen are all black. The text is still visable but all the control buttons and graphics are black. The only text labels that are visable are things like the name of the unit the ammo count and the terrain the unit is in. If I click where the buttons should be they work as if they were still there. Problem is I cannot see them. This makes playing very difficult. The little options chart that comes up when you hit the space bars only shows the hot keys. None of the graphics or the menu are displayed.

Also if I abort the game and then start a new one everything is fine again.

Thanks for your help.

I have the following

PIII 733

320MB RAM 133MHz

WinFast GeForce2-GTS w/ 64MB RAM, 333MHz

Current Drivers all around

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