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On Firday I posted an email to CDV requesting :

some official CDV info regarding UK and other European release dates......

I asked them to give the game the credit and publicity it is worth.......

I told them that IMHO the lack of response was giving their company lots of bad press on CM forums .....

Could they visit this forum and post an official statement .... Im not unreasonable ... release delays are not uncommon, but some info would be well received by those on this forum.....

It was a bit longer than that and worded without resorting to calling them a bunch of W*N*E*S

(No not winners ! )

Their official response ...received earlier today



Dear Sir,

I'm sorry if there is a confusion about Combat Mission 2. The

english version will be released in October.

best regards,

your CDV-Team


'Your CDV-Team' - NOT BY BLOODY CHOICE ! :mad:

CDV = Crummy Distributor & Vendor (I was gonna say Crap but didnt wanna offend -Doh!)


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Originally posted by Shadow 1st Hussars:

Note how it just says "October". No day or year. They could mean October 22nd 2015.

Shadow, is it any wonder "we" beat them twice in the last century?

Well, I feel for our European friends. Truly, BFC has spoiled us in North America by their responsiveness to issues. Perhaps if you wrote to CDV in their mother tongue they might be a bit more chatty and able to converse?

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