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Thanks BFC


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I just thought i would add my thoughts on the new game now that i have just had it plop through my front door.

But first up a small history lesson for you.

I first started play CMBO about 18 months ago.

I got a couple of my mates involved and we had some good PBEM games.

But my major problem with CMBO and this is down to the time scale it is set in is that i got bored with playing with Sherman tanks in most of the scenarios.

This may be down to me being crap and getting them blown away before most of them fire a shot :(

But i stuck with it.

Then along came CMBB and it just got better.

This fixed most of the things that bugged me in CMBO (like the MG's ).

I also liked the graphics and the whole upgrade that game along with the game.

So top marks to BFC for their effort.

Now this was a game where i didn't have to look and play with a bleeding sherman tank ever again. :D

But what happens next.

CMAK comes out and the first 2 scenarios i play are the Italians against the brits and the Aussies.

And you know what they made me smile. :D

I sat there while playing them both and laughed at how crap both sides tanks are in the first part of the war.

So thanks for brightening up my week.

I now know if i am a bit down i can fire up a QB and play the brits against the italians and i know i am going to have a laugh.

So thanks again for a wonderful game.

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