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So What Is The Scoop?

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I was around back in the old days of the Alpha AAR. I have one of the first copies of CMBO (you can see my member number here)and I still play it now and again.

I never bought CMBB but I have read all about it. I have read that it is great in its own way but alot more "strategic" then CMBO. People say that CMBO just seems to be more fun. I know they fixed much with CMBB (like the MG's and running troops) and rebuilt the way that arty works???

Anyway....I was wondering, in a nutshell, how much better CMAK is over the other two. Is it fun? What are the major highlights of gameplay? Is this really just CMBO cleaned up another step or is it a new game entirely? I really don't have time to go through all these threads trying to get a feel for what people think so I was hoping that you could just tell me here......for an "old-timer". (I am really only 34 but hey.....)

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CMAK, to me, is more cleaned up CMBO than new game.

Think of the differences between the beta demo and CMBO. That is the kind of difference between CMBO and CMAK.

Wider array of unit commands. Better graphics. Better mods. Better modeling of units because of new info.

OTOH, it DOES feel like a new game compared to CMAK because of the time differences. CMBO covered 12 months of war. CMAK covers a WHOLE lot more. Playing a 1940 E Africa scenario is a truly odd experince compared to CMBO. One tank available - a little Italian tankette. These early war differences are similar to what you get from CMBB.

comparing Italy CMAK scenarios to CMBO is likely the best way to see the changes. Same time frame and units. Actually, some people have recreated CMBO scenarios using CMAK. I guess that would be the best comparison. Unfortunately I don't know what those scenarios are and haven't compared them yet.

In any case, I like CMAK. I think you should buy it. Then you should email and you can beat me up in a PBEM game.


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