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American OOB errors

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After getting CMAK and browsing the list of American units in the scenario editor, I have noticed several apparent errors. Some are new, while others appear to be carry-overs from CMBO.

- There doesn't seem to be a US 4 tube 105mm division level artillery spotter unit. The only 105mm spotter available is a 6 tube regimental spotter that represents the regimental cannon company.

- US combat engineer units never had flamethrowers as part of their TO&E.

- US AB squad should have 2 x .30 cal LMG (M1919A6) and no BAR. One .30 cal LMG was assigned to each of the two AB squads in a platoon, and the platoon commander controlled 2 more .30 LMGs he could assign at his discretion. The BAR wasn't added to the squad TO&E until (I believe) 1944, and then it was in addition to the .30 cal LMGs. This one was in CMBO too, in a way, though the .30 cal MMGs given to the AB platoon in CMBO made it a wash I guess.

- It would be really nice if there were some way to get a troop & platoon type for dismounted US mechanized cavalry units. The TO&E down to individual weapons is readily available, and would allow scenario designers to create scenarios involving these units without having to 'fudge' using the huge 12 man infantry squads. smile.gif


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