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No. 68 mkII AT Grenade-Michael Dorosh ?

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Hi Dinsdale!

Have no information for you aside from secondary sources, which anyone with access to an internet search engine can obtain. However, I do have a question for you wrt wwiionline. I hope you don't mind =)

Have they switched to a statistical HE model yet? Timed fuses for grenades, maybe?

Also have modelling errors with their afv's been addressed yet? Primarily the top tier stuff that was most affected. I.E. Mk.II infantry tanks being set afire by hits to the superstructure plating below the armored fuel filler covers while their rear deck remained immune to 75mm HE fire in complete disagreement with range cards issued to troops in N.Africa. The Pz.Kpfw.III having too much ammunition for the Ausf.H variant and both modelled variants having ammunition stacked around the turret sides (where access hatches, vision ports, and crew normally sat). Next was armored ammunition bins missing altogether for the incorrectly located ammunition on the Pz.Kpfw.III. Do AFV's still detonate themselves upon contact with various game objects (i.e. walls, railings, etc). Also, are the poor froggies still forced to stay buttoned up at all times in their tanks? That brings me to my final question, are the froggies even in existence anymore, or have they been replaced by the American forces yet?


Thanks, and btw, I'm sure your rifle grenades as modelled will exhibit behavior which will range from ridiculous to somewhat believable in the case that they are still using a rather truncated physics based HE model.

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