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Attn Modders:

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Hello guys, if, until CMMODS returns to life, you want to post your new, awesome mods, I can offer some space @ zimorodok.org so that you can share with the community. Just a quick page, with a thumbnail, not unlike what CMHQ used to do. I'm not trying to drive traffic, I just want to get my own grimy hands on some of the awesome work that we see screenies for.

and NO knock meant on COG, were I in his shoes, CMMODS.com would not even be on my mind.

So, if yer interested, drop me an offline email with a .zip and i'll put them up (every night when i come home from work). When cmmods.com returns, off/out everything goes.

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Sounds great!

You mind if I go ahead tonight or tomorrow?

But - I just checked and the total size of all my new vehicle mods clock in at nearly 17mb zipped. How much can you handle, shall I pick out a few ones and leave the others?

And I agree with you. CMMODS wouldn´t quite be the first thing on ones mind in a situation like that.


Gurra smile.gif

[ April 18, 2005, 04:53 AM: Message edited by: Gurra ]

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Hi Zim:

I found a cmak whitewashed early jagdpanzer I was working on back around the same time as I did the cmak WW marders.


I was able too more or less finish it up with some of the more lacking graphic software I have running at the moment.

Would you be interested in hosting this mod for now.

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