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close to finishing another mappack

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Yes; another mappack on the way...

33 maps, 30 maps are 2140x2140 meters big, and the last 3 4000+ meters.

So,therefor, if anybody might have a request for a theme/setting/location etc, be quick about it, and it will be welcome.

(two weeks, probably, before posting)

(i find myself not playing cm anymore, because im now playing strategic command 2, but the map making continues. Its still a hobby, still an escape...)

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long (and smaller). you mean in operation setting?

Yes, i didnt do those for a while now.

OKE... ill make 5. (having something to shoose from is good)

(mappack will be posponed two/three weeks)

And thanks for telling me youre playing on one, that sounds good smile.gif

Long means i can let the scape do a few different things, i bet that is what your looking for...

[ May 23, 2006, 01:38 AM: Message edited by: theike ]

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Aco: I started the first one, 8000x1760 meters.

Might be too long, i dont know. (with a town and a village, some mountain ranges, farmland parts and such...)

Joachim?: Do you mean you like wider maps for aswell operations? Meaning you would like some operation maps for that?

Hmm; ill look into it...

ill be back, and thanks.

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Wide maps are a problem for ops vs the AI. It can't defend well on them. The AI needs flags. But for H2H, wide ops maps should be better for certain mission types.

But only if you have long battles (30+ or more) - otherwise you loose the info about weak points in the defense too often. This leads to gigantic ops which I probably never will finish H2H... at least not in the next 2 years.

Edited to add that this means I'd prefer them for single battles.



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