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Bunkers in v1.03


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I'm not sure what J2D means but the summer bunkers are number from I believe 340 to 345, so in cmbo you would add a 10 to the number for the winter set, so they would be numbered 10340 to 10345.

For cmbb and cmak you would add 50 to the number so they would be number for winter at 50340 to 50345

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Yo J2D,

I see where ya coming from now, go figure. Being I only have had cmak for a few days I guess I'm going to have to roll up the shirt sleeves and get in that BMP folder and see whats going on in there.

I lucked out my cmak is version 1.03, right from get go.

I don't really like those marders much, but I wanted to get them in some kind of WW look for David.

Depending on what happens next week, I may not be around very much longer.

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I thought I had posted a renumbered v1.03 patch for my old bunker mods, but apparently that project disappeared when my HD was wiped clean a few months back. Ah well.

But Junk2drive's right, it's just a single digit change. Besides, its Juju's bunkers that you're probably going for, anyway! ;)

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