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PBEMH niggling problem

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PBEMH is working, and I would't be without it, but for a while now I've had one irritation: it always gives me a warning dialog about "Email address is not the same as DIRECTORY".

I can't see what it is trying to say, and I always say OK, but it would be nice to fix this up.

Anyone else have this, or know what's going on?



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Well I'll be danged - I thought I kept up to date, but I was one behind! I hope this is it!!

While we're on the topic, how nice would it be if PBEMH did a "refresh" when you maximise it!??

I have a few opponents who don't use it, so I have to save their files into the PBEM folder (the usual drill). Because I always have PBEMH running, I then have to hit "refresh" for it to notice the new file. It would be so weet if it just picked up the new file when I open it up from the task bar!

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