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PBEM problems

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I am posting here due to the this board seems to have more frequent visitors.

I have had problems with opponents with email games. The problem is in the email service, not the game, but wanted to receive feeback.

It seems I will not receive some emails with the .txt attachments, and other times I will. I have charter.net for email also.

Is there sometype of common antivirus block on email servers out there or could it be the sender's domain?

Thanks for any help,


[ March 07, 2004, 10:07 PM: Message edited by: sgtabell ]

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sgtabell, if you just not receive some *.txt attachments at all, then it is most likely a braindead spamfilter.

Naive spamfilters just react to works commonly found in spam. Since you PBEM move is pretty much random text it comes up with a lot of these words "by accident". Good spamfilters put it into perspective with the length of the message overall and also make sure there are delimiters around the "bad" words, which makes you PBEM move fine again.

But the naive approach of just looking for words kills some PBEM moves.

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