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**MikeyD M15(A1) AA Half-Track Mod!**


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This got done quicker han expected:

U.S. M15A1 AA half-track mod

At our favorite site, again listed under 'M3 Stuart':


Truthfully, I didn't think this was going to get finished til after the Thanksgiving holiday but things simply fell together towards the end - which alot pleasanter than struggling, I must say. :D

The game's M15 (actually M15A1) anti-aircraft half-track done as close to correct as I could get it. Maybe people will start using it in the game more often now!

Here's a screenshot - forgive the quality, blame my wimpy graphics card:


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By coincidence I got to lay hands on that combo gun mount a couple years ago. I was up in Maine visiting my father. We were on a drive up to the tipy-top of the state and as we passed a VFW post I called out to him to stop the car! Running up to the rusting gate guardian I recognized the combo 37mm/.50 cal gun mount taken off a M15A1. Woo Hoo! It looked like the gun might be a standard 37mm AT gun tube attached to a VERY big autoload mechanism. It feeds from the left, ejects downward & the casing slides down a shoot to exit out the front. It looked like one man for elevation and one man for traverse with the commander directing traffic from a central seat. Standard for AA work but it must've been pretty awkward aiming at ground targets.

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