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What happens to AFVs that you voluntarily remove from the map--are they returned on map during the next battle or gone forever?

If you tell me "check the manual" note that I have already done so. At least tell me what page --in the CMBB manual, my CMAK "booklet" doesn't tell me much.

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Thanks guys, for the quick response. So, infantry that routs off the map are returned, but AFVs that voluntarily leave the battlefield for reasons such as gun repair. are lost forever. Hmmm. Does this make sense to anyone? :confused:

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Although vehicles are lost if you retreat them off the map abandoned and damaged vehicles and crew served guns will often be returned to the fight in later battles depending on the length of the op (unless they are burned out, burned out vehicles never return).

The trick is to pull back gun damaged vehicles to a point on the map out of the enemy line of sight. When the next battle starts it may not be there but it may return in subsequant battles.

I have had "abandoned" tanks and guns returned in the very next battle. The trick with that is to pull back the surviving crew to safety for the remainder of the current battle. (if they die or exit the map then the tank will not return) Not sure but would assume that the abandoned vehicle would also have to remain within friendly lines at the end of the current battle

Hope this helps :D

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In CM unless a tank is burned out it can be repaired or remanned in ops and targeting abandoned or knocked out vehicles until they catch fire is allowed in the game engine.

Putting a few rounds into knocked out or abandoned tanks until they brewed up is actualy a real world tactic used by both sides during the war. Tanks and AFVs which were burned out were usually beyond repair and the intense heat often melted all wiring and made the metal good for little more than scrap.

I always use this tactic when playing ops as the Germans. If I knock out a firefly I dont want it coming back at me again in battle 6


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