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Requesting a unit list from BattleFront

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:eek: what a list! Top show Chris.

I cannot fathom Battlefront not comming up with these player utilities making to make the game more accessable.

Still trying to digest Chris's information, but I am still hoping that BattleFront who has this information and more i.e. average ammo splits of HE vs AP vs HC in addition to the various soldier makups for the many various infantry units, company and battalions and more i.e. 10 or 8 men, the ammo counts etc will put together a PDF file with pretty pictures (of the unit/s of course ;) )

Thanks for the link.

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Originally posted by Kanonier Reichmann:

I believe what you're asking for is called a CMAK Strategy Guide which BFC may well release a little while down the track but at extra expense. It's called "making a profit" smile.gif


Jim R.

No problems with them making a profit.

I hope that in furture they offer the choice of purchasing a real manual and guide at the time of the game purchase.

Whilst I am asking, how about the manual without the massive printing costs because of the border..... tongue.gif

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