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Search help needed for lost post

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Some months ago, I think, I was involved in a tech heavy gunnery thread in which I cited British WW II Operational Research findings concerning the relative lethality and repairablility of German tanks hit by British AP shot and British tanks hit by German AP shell. The conclusion was that the 2 pdrs. hitting German tanks left readily repairable damage and seldom did much to the crew, while German AP shell, even if it penetrated only halfway into the fighting compartment and detonated, would destroy the tank and generally incapacitate or kill the crew. The problem is that despite having run a search under several headings, I can't find the thread, which I'd like to share with rexford. Maybe I simply haven't found the right keyword or something, but I'm getting nowhere fast with the rather optimistically named search feature. Can someone please help me resurrect a valuable post?


John Kettler

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