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Best scenarios for aCMilating?

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So I'm heading over to a friend's house for a boardgame tonight, and thought I'd bring the laptop for a little CM demonstration. What scenarios do you recommend for a good newbie experience? I want something that features English-speaking attackers, since attacking is better vs. AI and I want him to be able to understand the cries of his troops. ;) Oh yeah, something on the smallish side would be good for manageability and time considerations.

I'm thinking of getting the Chance Encounter and Riesberg scenarios for CMAK, since I have fond memories of playing these scenarios in the CMBO demo--but there may be better ones for CMAK. Your thoughts?

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I would definitely suggest CSDT-Hilly Graveyard from Panzerman. This one does have the feel of Valley of Trouble, exquisite map with a nice rainy and grey ambiance, medium OB, rather easy mission and Canadian Troops :D . Great for first timers.

I am curious to hear about the reactions of your friends. BTW what board game is it ?


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Thanks for the suggestions; now I have to run out the door and don't have time to dl anything more. My friend expressed a desire to try Squad Leader, which is what made me think of CM. If anybody else shows up, we'll probably go with Settlers or A&A or even Rail Baron. I'll let you know what he/they think if we do fire up CM.

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Well, as it turned out, we had a few more people and only one of them tried CMAK. His comments:

"I wish you could speed up the scrolling." (Fair enough.)

"Too slow."

"How come it only shows three men when there should be ten?"

"When was this made?"

"I don't think I'll play this after all."

A lost cause. :D The night as a whole was something of a waste anyway, since I tired of Axis & Allies very quickly (only the second game in my life, and I don't feel I've missed out) and spent most of the time watching other people play with my laptop. Serves me right for sharing. :mad:

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