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North African Orbats? Online Resources


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Many thanks von Lucke.

Unfortunately that is not quite what I am looking for. But that web sites unit database is interesting.

I don't know whether a web site with the 1940-43 orbat for both Axis and Allied forces exists, and I am considering building a database driven site along these lines. I thought this would be useful for CMAK players and scenario designers, and especially in managing a semi-historical campaign.

I spoke to Biltong long ago about doing the campaign manager using a database driven orbat using php/mysql. I just finished teaching myself this combo. So now I know roughly what I am doing and can actually begin a project of this type.

To be able to do this we would need extensive orbat data which listed not only the names of every

army group, army, corps, division, brigade, regiment and battalion deployed in North Africa on both sides up to the fall of Tunisia, but also when and where they saw action.

So if anyone is interested in contributing data and research material please contact me and we will get this thing underway. My email address is on my profile.

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This site linked by ex-Tweety in another thread has the Orbat for 7th Armoured.

Commando Supremo has the OOB for the axis forces down to regimental level. Since battalions were just numbered, it is not too difficult below that, except that you need to know whether the divisions had 2 or 3 battalions/regiment.

Lexikon der Wehrmacht has the light Afrika Divisions at this link. It has the Panzerdivisionen here. In the PDs, infantry regiments are always with 2 battalions. Tank regiments can have one or two battalions.

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