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  1. Micheal, did i read your remark correct?? NO OPS, wtf is this for game. :eek: The most games i like are operations so if steve tells us there will be no operation then for me there will be no CMX2 :mad:
  2. nice video settings where can i get them??? i hope you dont play like that every game because you dont know what you miss. and now for your question i find it useless to do anything because it still all about luck so get on with your plan and dont mind the planes.
  3. He Richie, sounds nice iam going to play that one to but still busy with the other op from peiper called the pied peiper and now you must advance instead of defense. Its much bigger but also a lot of fun. My question is this one after his advance towards cheneux. And IRL did they win or did they lose the defend of the town???? maus
  4. hi all, one of the most important things cmx2 must have is an option to direct a hole compagny of division or group by one set of orders not having to buy a new mouse after each turn (from klicking a million times) I like big scenario's so you got a lot of people(playing pied peiper 40000pts or higher )you get frustrated by klicking every single squad and tank to make them move in the same direction. This is very needed while the most you want to advance is over roads. otherwise your hole division is bugged in snow or mud (imho) So plz can someone add that When i give an order to the ta
  5. Hi franko , seems interesting would you send me an copy plz remko.feenstra@gmail.com
  6. Iam reading this thread and iam getting worried. Why do you attack steiner like this. His sig is not offensive against anyone. I thought only in holland people could not say everything without getting killed or dont dare to say anything anymore, but iam wrong this over the hole world the same. If you think people cannot say everything you are even worse. So my belief is if you dont like it DONT READ IT
  7. Hi now my best equiptment is the 88 its a multipurpose weapon with is easy to manufactor works against tanks , inf en planes I dont know any weapon which has more purposes then this weapon. Its very precise and can kill everything a great distances. The only drawback is that is not an offensive weapon. But my favourite is still the MAUS I think until now there is no such tank assembled. i know its to heavy but its a driving fort you cant destroy it.
  8. i like the jagdtiger to its devestating. What ive read about those monsters is that nearly all of them where destroyed by there own crew after bogging down of no ammo but most times cause of lack of fuel. I thought most crews where pleased to drive a jt.Because you where safer in there than in the fuhrers bunker. The downside was only the lack of power from its engines and its petrol use. maus_td
  9. looks perfect only a pitty from those numbers which are mirrored maus_td
  10. Hello Michael, Eichenbaum has an scenario of sevastapol i think those units got the signia The 11th army under Manstein attacked in 1941 that city That was the 22nd,24th,18th,28th,72nd,170th,132nd inf divisions the 1st mountain division Also many romanian divisions but i dont know if they got the signia maus_td
  11. I played when i was young many board games, the best game imho was axis and allies but now i have a pc and cm so that was my board game time. I like also the battles people develop themself like Eichenbaum. this one is perfect looks even better then cmak cause of the map en heights etc.
  12. Hi i be second, when i was 18 i got drafted in the dutch army by the engineers. Served my fourteen months and said to myself never trust the dutch if there is a war because the only thing you learn there is drinking using dope. Before i enlisted i fought of becoming a full time soldier but after my time both al my savings where gone and my health too so i didnt do that. So now i am a Network administrator for an it compagny and still drinking and using **** :mad: :mad: but a least i dont have to sleep no more in the open but in my warm bed maus_td
  13. ?????? a junior member #449 ?????????????????
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