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TCP/IP and PBEM between different versions?

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I'm still running 1.01 because I dont feel like swaping game CD's three times each evening. I could connect to another guy who uses 1.02 and play PBEMs with him. I'm also playing the PBEM with Sublime currently, who I belive uses 1.02

The only thing that I found not working is that when I do the setup in 1.01, unlimited force selection, it will come out as pure armor battle for 1.02 players.

But other than that, we played along fine.

What problems could this cause? What set of data is actually used when a 1.01 version and a 1.02 version connect via TCP/IP?

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Originally posted by Elvis:

Why would you need to switch discs to change what version you are using? And why would you not upgrade all games you are playing to at least v1.02?

Well...only thing that comes to mind is if someone had a, um, modified executable for 1.01, but couldn't find one for 1.02, that might be incentive to keep using 1.01 for the die-hard-disc-switch-haters.

Or he could be trying to download the patch with a 1200 baud modem or something.

Anyway, since he does have a disc I assume we can dispense with the usual vitriol...

Getting back to the actual question, I ran into this by accident once, thinking someone had upgraded to 1.02 when he was still using 1.01. It worked fine EXCEPT for new QBs, which never had the right force type (probably because of the addition of the pure armor setting). Other than setup, gameplay was unaffected.

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One that doesn't perform a CD check.

The CD check is in the executable. Each patch has a new executable. So those nefarious types who go about removing CD checks have to do it separately for each patch. Honest end users who have purchased the game but have an irrationally strong hatred of CD checks could obtain those modified executables, BUT they would have to do it again each time a new patch was released.

Anyway, I was just speculating on why having 1.01 and 1.02 would involved switching CDs, and that was the only thing I could think of...if you had a "modified" 1.01 that did not perform a check, but 1.02 did, because you hadn't found a doctored version yet.

Or, like I said, maybe he just has a slow modem and hasn't gotten around to the new patch.

Though I am curious is my hunch is right...

Originally posted by Elvis:

What is a modified executable?

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Your hunch is right. I play two or three different games each evening, amongst them IL-2:FB, Combat Mission, and either Flashpoint WW2 Mods or BF1942.

The later two mentioned need a CD in the drive when playing, so I try to play CMBB and IL-2 without CD. I almost killed the IL-2 disk once when switching...it just takes a moment of carelessness, and you can go buy a new game disk, if you can still find one around for your old favorites. Not taking that chance myself.

And indeed, 1.02 has no No-CD exe avalable.

I'm still left wondering, what kind of data set is used when you play TCP/IP between 1.01 and 1.02? Since there are obvious changes in behaviour and stats for some units, it must conflict somehow.

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