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...more Panzer IIIs

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I've been working on Limeys/Panzermartins Grau weathered PzIIIs.

Adding MikeyDs StuG running gear, redrawing panels, glasics ,bows, decks, mantles, highlighting/shading etc...

The originals bmps I used as a base are not mine, full credit goes to Limey, Panzermartin and MikeyD, I thought I could just squeeze a bit more goodness out of them :D

And they can be used in CMAK but will overwrite the DAK Panzer IIIs.

PzIII F, G, H, J series, all at cmmod

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Good news is they look great.

Bad news is 3 sets to choose from. Oh decisions.

I am ignorant in general and really don't know when these unit were on the battlefield. Did they exist in 1939? 1940? May 41 in CMAK. June 41 in CMBB.

For Sealion and Tom's Greece project I picked every unit available in CMAK in Crete and NA May 41 not knowing what will be used by designers.

It would be nice to know. Off to the internet I go. the Tanks site does not have German units.

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A trip to Achtung Panzer PZIII page didn't say much about use in France, Greece or Malta.

I did find these bits:

This U-Panzer belonged to the 18th Panzer Division's 18th Panzer Regiment. This photo was taken during the crossing of the River Bug at Patulin on 22nd June of 1941. During the preparation for invasion of England - Operation Seelöwe (Sealion), Panzer III and Panzer IV were converted into submersible tanks able to travel on the bottom of body of water at the depths of 6 to 15 meters. From June to October of 1940, 160 Panzer III Ausf F/G/H and 8 Panzerbefehlswagen III Ausf E along with 42 Panzer IV Ausf Ds were converted into U-Panzers / Tauchpanzers. After extensive tests and modifications U-Panzer were ready for action. Since Operation Sealion was never realized, Tauchpanzer IIIs and IVs were used during Operation Barbarossa (crossing river Bug at Patulin), in service with 3rd (6th Panzer Regiment) and 18th Panzer Division. It was also planned to use U-Panzers in never realized invasion on the island of Malta.

Interesting fact is that Polish Tank Platoon of the Carpathian Lancers received captured (7 or 8) PzKpfw III for training purposes, while in Egypt in August of 1942.

Interesting fact is that the study report of captured PzKpfw III Ausf F made by the British in 1942, was then sent to United States Army Ordnance Department where it was decided to utilize copy of German torsion bar suspension system in future American tanks (e.g. M18 Gun Motor Carriage, M24 Chaffee, M26 Pershing etc.).

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Thanks Pat.

From The Axis History Forum thread on Sealion I don't see a list of types of tanks other than the U submersibles. Andreas had PZIIC and PZIIIF G H on his list.

Hans has used PZIIF in some of his 1940 France and I think IIIF but will have to check.

Possible what ifs from the Axis History Forum:

1. Operation Sealion (England)

2. Operation Herkules (Malta)

3. Operation Tannenbaum (Switzerland)

4. Operation Felix (Gibraltar)

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Originally posted by HeinzBaby:

The originals bmps I used as a base are not mine, full credit goes to Limey, Panzerman and MikeyD, I thought I could just squeezed a bit more goodness out of them :D

You must be thinking of Panzermartin (?) because I cannot recall every doing PzIII, or any or AFV mods for that matter.
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