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NOOB: Kill info?

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Welcome the CM universe.

I'll toss out the snide answer first: it's in the manual.

Whew, now no-one else needs to post that. smile.gif

Select the unit you're interested in. Hit "enter". That brings up a window with various unit stats. In the upper right hand corner of the window is an icon, labeled "Info/Kills" (or something similar).

It is, in fact, a selectable switch. Hard to tell, but if you click on it, it will cycle between either "info" or "kills".

The "kills" information will be affected by Fog of War. At the end of the scenario or operation the correct information will be displayed. For example, your tank destroys a target identified as "Armored Car?". Later, at the end of the game, the kill information will be changed from "Armored Car?" to, say, "BA-64B".

Hope this helps.


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