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LOS to 2-story buildings

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Does anyone have a trick for area targeting the top story of buildings when you don't have LOS to the bottom floor? It seems like CMBB won't let you "see" the second story unless you can see the first story also. But when an enemy unit is visible in the second story, you can see it and fire at it. But when it hides, you can no longer area target there if you don't have LOS to the bottom story. Very frustrating. Anybody else have this problem? (I have done a word search of old threads and came up empty.)

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I just had the reverse of this happen, Enemy in the first floor of a two story bldg. I area fired to try and keep them pinned since I could not lock onto them, when the play came back, my unit had fired away up into the second story of that bldg. Thats the way to keep there heads down. The game just needs more commands when directing area fire.

Really weak at the moment.

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In my experience targeting the top floor of an enemy-occupied building when there is no LOS to the lower floor is easiest done using overhead view (6) with 1 or 2x mag - move your viewpoint until the side of the building you want target is at edge of the screen. Due to perspective the upper wall is now displaced from the lower wall and you can area target the outside edge of the upper wall.

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