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Ser. Glebov's Vodka Bottle and the canister rounds

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The history begins in 1943 some part in Finland.


Allied with some armor and arty support against a group of Jaakari with some tanketes and time to dig themselves on a reverse slope;

Assault Odds and Human pick forces for both sides.

I select a compact and well balanced attack group

and kick the AI's ass really nice.

Some minutes before the end of the exercise and with some flags already in Allied Star, my troops have encercled some poor guys in a small forest, two T-34/57 are in their way close-assaulting from both sides of the woods, it is all by the book and my iMac DV G3 has frozen only once since the first "Go".

As I am watching closely (always curious to see the surrender moments) I realize that Ser Glebov' Tank is shooting round after round to the encercled enemy, but all of them are AP.

With still 13 canister rounds in the rack, one hand protecting the fumes of powder from entering his eyes and with half a bottle of finnish vodka in the other he is shouting to his men:

YES! and, GO! LOAD FASTER!MORE TO THE LEFT I'D SAY! He only stops to drink again and in his eyes a strange ligth begin to appears.

The turn ends an I order Glebov to start area firing the woods and stop drinking dry, otherwise he gets court martialed in Siberie.

Next turn Canister rounds begin to fall and five enemy men surrender almost inmediatly.


Is it always like you have to order area fire to get canister answers?


Two saved files from the assault.

Some comments?



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Originally posted by MasterGoodale:

He's a cowardly maggot who started a PBEM game with me and never returned his next turn partway into the game!! :mad:

You didn't even sended me setup yet...

Should I include You in my harem of bitches?



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