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  1. Truly, utterly, and astonishingly pathetic! Aemoba-sucking scum pods!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: Nevermind, I'll create my own TNT-Slathered, pus-riddled, limb-strewn map ya bunch of cretins. :mad: :mad: :mad: And believe me maggot sacks, there's gonna be a WWWWHHHHOOOOOOOLLLLLE lot of misery waiting for ya on it. . . :mad:
  2. Angry Out Loud!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: It's a fiery little bunch sheep-bangers this new generation of pus-slathered fungi is!! I'm gonna have to brew up a few special batches of angry TNT AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR PUS-RIDDLED RECTUMS!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  3. Oh yeah, one more thing maggot, the mapmaker can include SOME dense forest whether you like it or not! :mad: War is hell pus balls and this aint Afrika Corps!! :mad: :mad: Don't worry you slope-headed blood bag my grunts will slither out of the DENSE forest in the dark of night and slather you up good before the kill :mad: It'll be quick. You'll only burn for a few weeks.
  4. The only thing you chuck is chunks of projectile vomit as I fill your stinky, fat, buttery kraut belly with hot angry emotionally disturbed TNT snot bag!! :mad: I'm gonna shove a T-34 tank barrel up yer ass and out yer mouth then use your fat bulgy bloodshot eyes for spotting Krauts you little maggot!!! :mad: Nobody beats MasterGoodale, GrandMaster, Diamond-Studded, Jewel-Encrusted TNT Chucker In Charge :mad: :mad: ARGRARGRAGARGARGRG!!!!! :mad: Make us a map maggots! MasterGoodale will know if it's "tilted" or not! Include the "Unlimited Angry TNT" option for the Russians and place a nice big "TNT prison" back at the garrison with a bunch of abusive guards! :mad:
  5. Don't even listen to DaveH maggot! He's just angry because he can still taste my furious TNT. Those days were a fiery hell for that man trust me on that pus pod. You've never seen so many buttery bellied Krauts on their knees begging my TNT for a shred of humanity!!! GARAGRAGRARGRAGGRA!!! :mad: :mad: God those were the glory days!! It takes MasterGoodale slightly longer to "brew up a turn" because his TNT isn't the maggoty kind you can just go buy at the local wal-mart - got it you unibrowed Darwinian tossback from the stone age??? :mad: My TNT is a "specialty" TNT that sticks to it's enemy's fat belly and wiggles it's red angry head in then explodes with a fury like you've never seen. I'll PBEM that ass and you'll wish you never heard of email scum nuts! :mad: Nobody chucks TNT like Mastergoodale (many slimy little sh*t-lipped maggots learned that lesson in this game :mad: ) and nobody's TNT has as bad a temper or as many emotional issues as mine GGRARGARGARGARGARGARGARGGRARGA!!!! :mad: Give me time to "refresh my chucking skills" and give somebody nuetral time to create us a meeting engagement. I want a pretty bigg one too. Lots of TNT and lots of Kraut cannon fodder. MasterGoodale prefers the Russians!! Beat me you scabby-balled little sack of aemeobas and I'll award you an Associates Degree in TNT Chucking. Then and only then will you have earned the right to pop thatsh*t-speckled little maggoty face out from under that pile of dung and toss a few grams of TNT :mad:
  6. What a bunch of unibrowed slopeheaded knuckle dragging bloated pus-eyed sacks of cusk feces!! I've been in MISERY these past two years you TNT_Chucker wannabes!! Do you have ANY IDEA you maggots how long it takes to develop a new breed of angry pyschologically disturbed TNT!!!!!???? HUH PUS SACKS???? I know you don't you slithering TNT-Slathered blood bags!! I'm gonna turn you into cannon fodder! :mad: AAGAGRAGRGRAGARRGAARGAGRGRAGRAGRAGRAGG G G G G G G GGGG GG!!!!!! :mad: :mad: Where's oddball that TNT swallowing tank round eating machine gun charging with a knife maggot!!!? :mad: Hehe yeah I filled his fat buttery kraut belly with hot, angry, bitter, furious, psychologically-disturbed just-released-from-prison TNT on more than one occasion you can take that to the bank and buy some TNT. He didn't like it when I made him swallow the hot coal afterwards either. My sig says it all pus sacks. I invented the act of slathering a filthy slithering kraut with TNT and lightin' 'em up light years before Parabellum, SoddBall, DaveH (he ate some serious TNT), Axe, Mike whatever, some english-named guy, and countless others were shining my shoes. This is a disgrace. You've all succumbed to conformity and dropped the Cherry Waffle thread so MasterGoodale has dropped in to remind you with a face full of angry TNT that it aint over til the fat bloated kraut belly explodes! :mad: I see Battlefront is brewing up some serious TNT lately too gonna have to get me one of the newer ones and chuck some "advanced TNT". Garggarr that's the best kind becuase it's smart. My TNT wears spectacles and carries notbooks maggots so study up because whent he TNT's been shoved up yer a$$ and you're sitting on a stovepipe it's too late. What a bunch of frog balls! :mad:
  7. Because we chucked more TNT than a TNT chucker wannabe can chuck maggot that's why!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  8. pff! :mad: Nobody chucks flaming TNT like MasterGoodale - GrandMaster, Diamond Studded, Jewel-Encrusted TNT Chucker In Charge :mad:
  9. Oh I swear by the God of HOT TNT Chucking I'm gonna slather and ignite every last crispy lip that's flapping in this maggot-infested forum of slope-headed knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing slime-slurping algae-banging sheep-molesting non-tnt-chucking-wannabe Darwinian returns from the neolithic era!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: Ass6969 you Kraut-loving ant-breeding mouse-pumping moldy-crotch-licking root-digging flint-chipping tree-bark-stripping fire-admiring spear-chucking belly-crawling crispy-lipped maggot!! :mad: I've beaten the best of em and I'm gonna beat you with your own axe you low-browed genetically-challenged pimply-faced mutant!! :mad:
  10. You're gonna have TNT-Crispied Lips for that maggot!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: You're my first victim!! GRAGRAGRAGRAGRGRA!!!! :mad:
  11. I'm curious as to how many of you play SC by email (and plan to buy and play SC2 by email). I'm thinking about buying it within the next couple of weeks and I would much rather play a human than the AI. I just want their to be a bounty of victims :mad: :mad: What is your overall opinion of this game? Is it good? is it fun? How long does a typical game last (how many hours of turns per player)? What are the graphics like when two units actually fight? (does it show anything besides the two units losing numbers?). Graphics aren't everything to me I'm just curious. Thanks :mad:
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