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Priest with reduced crew

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In my current CMAK game I've got a few sharpshooter scouts on both flanks of my opponents main attacking body, and they've managed to hit ONE crew member, on BOTH his Priest support guns. Yay.

I could clearly hear the "I'm hit!" in both occations and the tank immediately buttoned up. The first one paniced and backed away, while the other contiued forward as nothing had happened.

My question is: How will this affect a Priest's performance? And what can I deduce from the fact that one is backing up and another is charging?

I realise the effects will properbly vary in regards to which crew member I hit (I take it that it's possible to hit all crew since it's an open top tank?), and that the experience of the crew will also play in etc. but will there be other negative effects (reaction time / loading time etc.)?

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I've never seen any evidence that CM tracks which crewman gets hit.

"Backing up" vs "advancing" after getting whacked is simpy a morale matter; he likely had one break while the other persevered through the SHOCK. Having that said, the charging Priest could be charging in blind panic.

Aside from spotting, anticipate a slower ROF, although I've never tested that one.

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